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Your love story


Flashback to the proposal– that was when you felt the magic and the romance, it was just you and your partner and no one else…

But now you’re bogged down trying to please everyone, from your family & future family, to your friends and even vendors. 

Let’s bring the spotlight back to your relationship, your unique story and wedding vision! Let’s weave colours, symbols or themes that are meangful to your story into your wedding designs & bring back the magic.

Your style

don’t settle for florals that don’t fit your aesthetic

You know what you like and what you don’t like and you have your own personal style. You’ve spent hours learning more than you wanted to know about different types of flowers or pinning inspo on Pinterest, but how do you make sure your florist is on the same page as you?

signs that we are a great match:

“thank you so much, it was exactly the vibe and the types of flowers I wanted”

-Natasha Poley

Your time

You want a wedding pro that not only answers your emails in a timely manner, but checks in, and lets you know whether everything is on track!

We can help take some to-do’s off your plate and guide you through the process. You don’t have to worry about figuring out your favourite flowers, we can organize it all, help with the vision and moodboard and make everything easier and simpler for you with our signature process.

Our Signature Process



Check our availability for your wedding date & request a pricing guide.



We get onto a virtual call and mind-meld with you to get the most detailed picture of your wedding vision, your likes and dislikes & prep a custom proposal.



To book us for your wedding we will ask for a booking fee of $199 and a signed contract so that we can guarantee our commitment for your wedding date.



Once you book us for your wedding date we guide you as we complete the design process & gather the final details via email. We share our schedule, send helpful tips and check in regularly so you have peace of mind knowing everything is on track. 



We never book more than one wedding per weekend, so you can rest assured that you’ll have our undivided attention and that we’ll do everything in time with your venue, ceremony & reception times so that your magical day goes off without a hitch.

“Irene was decorating my cottage wedding (table decor, arch decor) and also made a beautiful wedding bouquet. We loved it! Irene helped to come up with perfect flowers for our event. Thank you for making our wedding venue look Gorgeous!”

-Yulia Naumenko


Depending on the size of your event and the impact you would like from your fresh floral design, these are our budget ranges

Full Event Design

You are after grandeur, hanging installations, lush, flowers with no fillers, premium stems like Ranunculus, Peonies or Orchids and you’d like to see florals everywhere at your wedding venue: from staircases and entryways to the reception. 

Investment Begins at $6000 | Monthly payment plans available
Request more details & check availability

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Flowers

If you would like to have on-site floral design for your ceremony & reception, bridal bouquets, delivery & take-down service, this is our mid-level tier.

Investment Begins at $2400 | Monthly payment plans available Request more details & check availability

Wedding Bouquets & Personals

Perfect for your bridal party with free pickup at our Kitchener location or delivery to your location.

Investment Begins at $850
Request more details & check availability


how can we book your services?

After we chat about your wedding vision and venue, we send over a custom proposal for your review. Once you are happy with the proposal, we sign a contract and request a booking fee. Once that is complete you can be assured that we have blocked out the day for your wedding in our calendar. We only take on a few select weddings per year and never double-book a weekend.

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Yes, we can split your wedding package into 2-4 payments or even monthly payments, depending on your grand total. The last payment is due 6 weeks before the wedding date.

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, In the event that the wedding is canceled 2 months prior to the wedding date, the client will receive a refund from the florist, excluding the booking fee.

Do You Help Us Keep Track of Everything Needed From Us?

Yes! We love to keep things easy, organized and streamlined, so you never have to worry about keeping track of things yourself. We will guide you through the process with emails, moodboards and prompts so you never have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks.


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