Creating a Wedding Colour Palette

Choosing the right colours for your wedding can be difficult or daunting, especially if you have more than one favourite. Here I outline a simple 3 step system to pick your wedding colour palette and my favourite free tools for creating a visual representation of the colours you choose.

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Let’s break down the colour palette process into 3 simple steps to make it easier for you.

Step 1: Main Colour
So the main colour should be one that is either your favourite, one you never get tired of or a colour that has sentimental value either for you or your relationship. For example if nature has been a recurring theme in the evolution of your relationship you can include a particular green as your main colour (and make a note for your florist to incorporate lots of greenery)

Step 2: Accent Colour
The accent colour can be something a little more bright and exciting, that you will use for pops of colour also know as accents. This can be a bold and bright choice like fuchsia, red or yellow.

Step 3: Shades or Neutrals
Then you have analogous or monochromatic shades to work with the colours you’ve already chosen. For example if the main colour is a medium pink then you can have a darker and a lighter shade of pink for your Step 3. Or you can go with classic neutral colours (like white, cream, beige, gold or brown) that go with everything .

Of course, considering the time of year for your wedding is another aspect that will influence your palette. For example if you chose the fall season for your wedding, chances are you like orange, red, brown or gold shades that are such a big part of that season. Meanwhile spring is a time of soft pastel hues like gentle pinks or white & lavender while summer is the perfect backdrop for bright hues of deep pink, purple, yellow red & blue. 

Now the fun part of putting the colours you’ve chosen into a pretty moodboard/palette:

This super easy Google search is the fastest way to find a beautiful colour palette for your wedding that can have colour guidelines as well as flower inspiration!

Canva is best for using a photo for inspiration and getting the main colours and hex codes to use for your DIY Wedding Colour Palette

If you have specific colours that you would like to put together in a combined colour palette, this palette creator is easy to use and works well!



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